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Yo, dear friends, watchers and visitors! WELCOME TO MY DEVIANT ART CHANNEL!!! As you know, my name is LILLIANCHONGART, you can call me Lillian or Li Yen!

Be sure to check out my latest artworks and don't forget to add a comment, watch and add my artworks to your favs! Thanks so much for supports from other deviants!!


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I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS. I love how this artwork has so many elements and it still manages to combine ...

I LOVE MYTHICAL CREATURES, SO IS DRAGONS INCLUDED!!! OMG, this drawing caught my eye immediately when I was scrolling down to critique ...

I love this artwork and it caught my eye immediately. I love how you did the texture and the colors of the cardinal. The mix is fine an...

I LOVE THE SUNSET VIEW!!!!!!! O.M.G!!!!!! Ok, I love how you did the sunset view, its reallly amazing(great skills!) and I also liked h...

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Animals(Full body/Half Body)
Hmm, no examples...

But that's ok! I'm really ok with it, unless you guys commission it!!

Landscapes (Full color)
I love landscapes, and I want to practice on dealing with water views. You see, I am good in watercolor too! But if you want me to use any other materials to create the commission, I can do it!! wink grin Wink wink :P wink rasp Wink Razz Wink Emoticon wink wink KirbyWink :goodjob: revamp 
Full detail and color
Bust/Half Up/Full body with color/Abstract commissions
Too bored so thought I could have commissions
MYTHICAL CREATURES (Full body/ Half body)
Open to draw any MYTHICAL CREATURE YOU ASK FOR!!!!:excited: :excited: revamp... again. :gimme: 

It could be a griffonGilda , or a phoenixPhilomena Emote or something else, YOU NAME IT, I DRAW IT!!!


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Lillian Chong Li Yen
Artist | Student | Varied
I am a student and I am very fascinated in art when I am young( 3 years old). I love to draw art and paintings in a very colorful way and are very fascinated by other artists. Inspired by my father, I shall pursue my dreams in becoming a real artist. I can use a lot of materials to do my art, mostly watercolors, color pencils and marker pens( which I was hooked up recently). Please check my deviations for more of my fabulous arts!


I'm sad... No one cares about me anymore...

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Sorry, went hiatus for some time...

Too busy with stupid school!!!:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: 


A commission, a few more drawings of Rakuari, CONTEST ENTRIES!!!!!  STUPID!!!

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I want to join the SPLIT contest, but my parents...




During Baniyala's reign, in the Far South of Manatoki, on the giant floating island, in the Amaira Realm, the palace, the night before Karua's coronation...

"Khawarang, p-please, Go!!" A teary-eyed queen of the Amairas' stumbled across the ground to push her beloved son away from the door.

"NO! I can't leave you here!!" Karua objected, "You're coming with me, Mum!"

 'BAM!!' The door opened to find a group of masked men, stormed in and grabbed the queen away from Karua as a few more pushed Karua to aside and separated them. The queen screamed as she struggled to free herself from her kidnappers while Karua struggled to get the grasp of one of the men off his neck. They were choking him terribly, as those men, around a bunch of 10 people towered over him as he gasped for breath, trying to use his powers but his hands were numb.

"KHAWARANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And that was the aged queen's words before she was stabbed by a knife behind her back. Karua's eyes wided, then welled up with tears. "MUM!!!" He shouted as he was tossed to aside and the men went away, disappeared into the darkness. The choking Karua scurried over to his mum's side, as the queen took a trembling hand and wiped a tear off his face as she whispered, "Khawarang, my s-son, please live your life longer, I really wish I could see you become king, but I-I c-can't... Take t-this..." , upon saying it, she passed him the mythical sword passed down from their clan for generations, and Karua looked at her with a horrified expression, as she said  her last words, "Use it for good, Khawarang. Goodbye..." so saying, she slumped, her whole body gone limp. Karua's face turned pale as a blank sheet, as he held the knife in his hand, and just wept next to her. The worst was yet to come...

"KHAWARANG, MY SON!!! AM I WRONG FOR SAYING YOU KILLED YOUR OWN MOTHER!!!!!!!!" The king of the Amairans was sitting on his throne, tired from a trip to another world with Karua's younger brother and sister, Kasai and Eiwa, and then he have to deal with this.

"IT WASN'T ME!!! SHE JUST DIED IN MY ARMS!!" He hesitated for a moment when the people on court started to murmur, "But I wasn't the one who KILLED MUM!!"

"I believe you son, but there were people saying that they saw YOU do it!! They had never seen anyone, more or less a group of MASKED men, climb up to the tower where you two were there. Perhaps they weren't expecting it...."

"But, DAD!!" Karua exaggerated, "Don't tell me you believe those... nitwits."
"Oh, but you were the only one there. I'm just saying the logic."
"Yes, yes, calm down Khawarang. We don't have solid evidence that you aren't the murderer, but we also don't have evidence to say that you ARE the murderer..." The king shook his head sadly, "Vivian, Why has YOUR hour came earlier than mine??? I could have been there!"

"I don't agree with you dad, brother must be telling the truth!!" Kasai stood up from the crowd, and giving a very sharp and quick wink to Karua.
"I agree with Kasai too!!" Eiwa agreed, at least trying to make Karua not to be much worried.

"Children, please sit down, this is not a debate... We Don't Have Proof!!" The king hushed them, and both sat down grumbling a little.

"YOUR HIGHNESS!!!! YOUR HIGHNESS!!!!!!!!" The guard came running in with a horrified look plastered on his face.
"What is it?" The king looked up as Karua turned around.
"B-B-B-ITS BANIYALA!!! SHE'S HERE!!!" He stammered but then burst out, and the whole court went into a frenzy, some gasped, some fainted, some started whispering and some started to panic on what would happen next. Everyone in Manatoki had been afraid of her when started to conquer one realm after another with Samuel the Sinful, excluding the island only, because she haven't yet visited here, but now she is.

"Calm down, everyone! Why is she here!" The king turned to the guard, which replied, "She said she was here to tell us some.... logic. That's what she said."
"Logic? Bah! Why do we need a fox to speak logic to a king?!" An advisor stood up and bellowed to the court while some people in court rolled their eyes and burst into laughter, even Karua, Kasai, Eiwa and the king himself giggled.

"Fine, let's let her in." The king finally replied, and the guard quickly rushed out to open the gates.

To Be Continued...

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I wish that everyone can be happy and everyone has had a merry 2016 and welcome the new year!

Hope you guys can fulfill your own wishes too!!


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